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The services Attack offers to the oilfield sectors in and around Alberta are constantly expanding as our company continues to grow, as well as the areas we serve. We specialize in, but are not limited to vac, steam, and fluid hauling services.

Our full time mechanic ensures all equipment is well maintained by completing scheduled services, inspections, and repairs, and can equip all vac and tank trucks with floatation tires pending the ground conditions in your worksite.


Our equipment

To view our entire fleet, check out our gallery here.

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Tank Trucks

Both Tandem and Tridem Tanks, Tri-Tri Trucks and Pups, Tri-Tri Tankers, and Tri-Quads


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Super B Tankers

Insulated Super B's, 64000L Capacity


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Vacuum and Steam Trucks

Tandem and Tridem Vacuum Trucks, Tridem Hydro Vacs, Tandem and Tridem Combo Vacs, Semi Vacs, Semi Combo Vacs, Vac Pups, Haglund Hydro Vac, Gator Vac, and Steamers


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Hot Oilers / Pressure Trucks

Hot Oiler is equipped with 8 Million BTU Burner and 5,000 PSI Tri-Plex Pumper


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Low Ground Pressure & Floatation Equipment

Gator Vacuum Truck (pictured), Haglund with Hydro Vac, and Nodwells



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Construction Equipment

D6N Cat, JD Backhoe, JD Wheel Loader (bucket and pipe grapple), Skid Steer and Scissor Lift



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Transport Equipment

Bed Trucks, Winch Tractors, Low Boys, Scissorneck Low Boys, High Boy, and Gravel Clam


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Fluid Sales

KCL, Methanol, and Hot Water


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